uPVC Sash Windows.

As one of the oldest design styles dating back hundreds of years, old wooden Sash Windows have a bad reputation for being insecure, draughty and for being downright awkward to use.

The latest examples of uPVC Sash Windows have solved all the problems of the past by using energy efficient frames, spring loaded tensioners and upgraded locks and handles, so that they will last a very long time & still look good.

  • upgraded modern window locks to improve security
  • Long life, low maintenance and hard wearing
  • Energy efficient frames & glazed sections
  • Porper warranties & guarantees covering product & installation

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Installed by professionals who are independently certified by UK government endorsed trade bodies

upvc sash windows

Strength & Security.

The latest uPVC Sash Windows are manufactured to be strong and to last a long time, with moving frames being reinforced and the surrounding box sash having similar reinforcement.

The side tracks for the window panes are moulded into place and feature spring tensioners or modern counter weight systems to facilitate easy opening & closing for the homeowner, but secure enough to prevent the moving sections being forced out of the frames.

Centre fitted window locks are more robust and lockable to prevent opening from the outside and, if desired, can also be fitted to multiple points around the frame.

Tempered or toughened safety glass can be incorporated for additional protection in vulnerable areas around the home, such as high traffic areas or children rooms.


The moving windows, which slide up & down can be plain or feature Georgian bars, patterned or leaded glass sections or opaque glazed panes.  For properties that require special design elements, the frames can be built to have window horns, moulded beads and putty lines.

These added little design features mean that uPVC Sash windows can now be used in situations where only handmade wooden box sash windows would have been acceptable before.

Coloured uPVC Sash windows are available in several shades, running from the usual ‘brilliant white’ to light or dark oak. Many frames can incorporate a wood grain finish that is bonded into the surface giving the window a more ‘authentic’ wooden look.

Tilt & turn versions are now manufactured and can be convenient as they are very easy to clean from the inside.

sash window frames

Manufacturing processes over the years have improved greatly and you can now expect a coloured uPVC Window to retain its original colour for the life of the unit.

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