Buyers Guides for uPVC Window Designs

Buyers Guides for uPVC Window Designs

Double Glazed UPVC Windows

Buyers Guides for uPVC Window DesignsuPVC windows are a common sight across Britain and because they are now very energy efficient and long lasting, installing new double glazed windows using this type of window represents excellent value for money given the cost of double glazing.

Brilliant white is regularly used as the colour of choice for most installations, but modern methods of manufacture allow for a wide range of new & exciting colours & finishes.

Toughened safety glass, multi-point locks and internal window beading enhance the security, whilst “Low-e” solar glass & warm edge spacers increase the energy efficiency to help reduce home energy wastage & lower bills.

Frequently seen in all types of properties, Casement Windows feature outward opening frames with options to have the openers on the one side, two sides or at the top of the frames.

Sash Windows typically have 2 sliding window inside the frame, with the facility to slide the lower frame upwards or the upper frame downwards.
Older wood Sash windows that use rope & weights to counter balance the opening frames tend to work loose or jam making them insecure and susceptible to burglars and bad draughts.

Modern tensioners & friction tracks eliminate lots of these issues and newer models offer a tilt / turn or even reversible functionality.