Conservatories Prices Guide

Conservatories Prices Guide

What does it cost for a new Conservatory?

This is a very common question that we receive from homeowners in the beginning of their search for conservatory prices online – and it’s a question with quite a difficult answer mainly because the question posed is not specific enough.

Conservatories Prices GuideHaving said that, we felt it would be helpful to provide a table of prices that would at least give visitors a general idea of the likely costs of building a new room for the house.

At this stage, in the table below you will see broad average prices for a conservatory type – t’s not possible or practical to be more specific on installation prices at this point because there are just so many variations of sizes, designs, labour needs, features, labour costs etc.

However, we hope that the information proves useful and if you want to have an accurate price for the cost of fully fitted conservatories simply go to our contact page

Some Influencing factors on Pricing

  • Size & Design Style
  • Whether Planning Permission is Required
  • Foundation type (raft / trench / steel base)
  • Drains, Mains & Sewer re-routing or moving
  • Type of conservatory doors
  • Special Offers or Available Discounts
  • ‘Cash’ or Financed


Average Prices for Fully Fitted Conservatories


Lean-to Conservatory (Basic) uPVC from £3,000 upwards
Victorian or Edwardian uPVC from £5,000 + depending on size & design features
P / T / L Shaped Designs uPVC from £7,000 + depending on size & design features
Orangery & Bespoke Conservatory Various from £10,000 to £35,000 + for bespoke designs

Prices are for your convenience only & not an offer to buy or sell

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