Orangery Home Extensions Tips

Orangery Home Extensions Tips

Extending your home with an orangery

Over the last few years, Orangery home extensions have increased in popularity quite tremendously.  This is for a number of reasons but the most likely one being the continued uncertainty in the housing market.

Orangery Home ExtensionsBut there are a lot of advantages in remaining in your current home, and just think of all the hassle you’ll save by not having to arrange new schools or making new friends!

People are not as concerned about making money on their homes with an extension as they once were.  Now the emphasis on increasing the “functionality” of the home so the whole family can benefit from it more.

For example, a spare bedroom or bathroom is always a wonderful thing to have especially when having guests over.  But when your family begins to outgrow your current home it won’t be long before the tensions begin to creep in – and the main flash-points always centre around the living areas.

Adding an orangery or conservatory can ease the tensions for everyone and, hopefully, restore the serenity necessary for a happy home life!

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Orangeries & Conservatory Extensions

You should check if you need planning permission, especially if your extension will change the appearance of the outside of the house or if it extends further than the legal limit.

conservatory extensionYou should also discuss with your neighbours your intentions and ensure that the noise of building renovations does not go beyond the hours allowed. Very few neighbours object if you do not exceed any of these rules. It is not always necessary to employ an architect as it is easy to get designs which most builders can adapt and they will advise you on.

Make sure that you will be able to live with the inconvenience for the duration of the work that is going on. It may be advisable to put some of your belongings into storage to prevent damage to valuable furniture.

This is not expensive and will save money in the long run. This can be a very exciting venture and at the end of all the hard work you will have a more beautiful and functional home. You may on the other hand decide that there is an easier option for a home extension. A conservatory can be used as an extra room, for instance a sun lounge or a play room and it can be in place with minimum fuss in a very short time.

With all the extra light it would be a very cheerful addition to your home. The only thing to note with conservatories is they can collect a lot of moss over time and need regular cleaning or else they can become unsightly.

Whatever you decide, whether to go ahead with building an extension or to have a conservatory put in place you will find in most cases that your house has increased in value. To help you with more guidance on styling & prices take a look at